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We are the first Moroccan independent communication network with a strong focus on MarTech and Digital. Our 100+ professionnals offer full scale communication services to our clients.

In this operation, our teams were able to reach more than 3.2M women out of the 6M possible, more than 50% of
Of the + 3M women affected, more than half watched the video totaling + 1.5M views during the teasing phase
We worked wih the brand of women’s pads Mia in the launch of their activation L’Bahiate Jerbou.
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55 million impressions generated during the campaign in less than 20 days and referring to the challenge video (more than 100,000 views on YouTube)
The performance of this campaign was exceptional with an average CPM of 1 MAD out of the 18 initially planned for the campaign by the client.
In partnership with Momo, a very popular radio host among the youth, Quick launched an activation that we displayed to a young target with an ultra-limited budget.
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285,000 clicks generated during the campaign and returning to stores for download
22,000 downloads on the stores for an average cost per download of 4.5 MAD
The campaign generated excellent performance, first in terms of visibility with more than 18 million impressions recorded, but also in terms of clicks and redirects to download platforms
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Among the most important campaigns for the customer are those of summer trips.For these campaigns we had two separate strategies for local and international travels, each dedicated to specific target groups
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We supported UIC in the recruitment of students at local & international levels from 2016 to 2019 generating more than 127,000 leads in the process
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More than 2 million clicks were generated on these 4 campaigns and redirecting to the pages of each product
The campaigns launched with a branding objective have performed so well that we have an average CPM of 0.015 MAD!
Four campaigns were launched in 2017 for the brand that was already present in Morocco for 2 years.
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In 2018, more than 5,000 qualified leads were generated on 7 different landing pages (one per project)
Of the 5,000 leads generated, nearly 50 were converted into direct purchases of premium real estate (price over 1,000,000 MAD HT)
Over the past 3 years, we have generated over 30,000 qualified leads for its projects. The relevance of our stratey and our ability to generate quality leads led the client to focus on the digital channel for its media investments.
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On this media coverage, we recorded more than 7 M views of the video with more than 45,000 reactions and 5,000 shares
We were able to reach more than half of the target with +10 M people reached out of the 16M possible
We launched an unprecedented social experiment bringing together victims of natural disasters. Our team recorded impressive results with a share of voice of more than 26% in January on the insurance sector on Facebook
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Desktop Campaign
We launched a campaign to boost HP laptop sales after the confinement reaching especially low costs per contact
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We work closely with the digital team of the bank to improve and optimize their position on search engines. We also help them set up their conversion funnels in their various landing pages.
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We have been advising the bank for a couple of years helping them in their media, Google Analytics and SEO strategies
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We are the (Online & Offline) media agency of the brand for whom we launched a viral 360° campaign (TV, Radio & Digital) with a local influencer for Eid Al Adha
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More than 70% of mothers with children of childbearing age
We manage the brand's media presence and we pay a close attention to unique reach as the most important KPI to track. So far, we have been able to reach ~70% of mums with children aged from newborns to 3/4 years old in Morocco
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Over 13K leads in the brand's first years in Morocco
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Over 5M views for product launch
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near 1M view for Aid El Kebir campaign
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Premium Only
Premium Only
We were selected by OFPPT to handle their media buying strategy. For our first campaign, we were able to reach costs per contact lower than 0,06 MAD on average on premium publishers' websites
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Premium Only
Premium Only
Transsion Group (Infinix, Tecno, iTel) : We boosted the group's brand presence on premium publishers' website in Morocco reaching very competitive costs per clics of less than 1,5 MAD and low CPMs below 10 MAD
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We managed the digital media presence of Hydralin in Morocco for its feminine hygiene products. In spite of the difficulties to talk about the topic openly on the web, we were able to record click through rates of more than 2% and costs of contact lower than 0,05 MAD
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Partnership with 13 of the most influential digital media in Morocco FR / AR including Hespress, Le Site Info, Médias24, Tel Quel, L’économiste, La Nouvelle Tribune, etc.
Over 15,000 reads of articles disseminated to our media partners and + 300,000 views generated from the video produced for the operation
Astral asked us to communicate about a social action undertaken in 2018 by the brand for the benefit of an orphanage in the city of Casablanca. Not having been budgeted in its annual action plan, the brand had very limited resources for this operation.
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We worked closely with the brand to optimize its presence on the digital scene in Morocco and Algeria. Our campaigns had a significant impact with more than 7M people reached and an average cost per view close to 0.01 MAD
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Premium Only
Nearly 300K leads generated over a year
as the agency of record of Toyota Du Maroc, we are continuously optimizing their media presence on the web with around 300K qualified leads generated. We were able to sell more than 250 cars in the campaign we set up during the confinement
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We generated over 40M impressions
We generated over 8M views on Facebook alone, with over 3,700 Shares and 53K reactions to the post
The COPAG campaign for March 8, the international women's rights day,generated over 40M impressions, with over 650K Clicks.
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Some of the services we offer
Some of the services we offer
Design innovative and effective digital media strategies in line with your needs
Establish, deploy and monitor your media plans on local or international media.
Increase the visibility of your website and products on search engines (SEO / SEA)
Convert prospects into qualified business leads through our continuous optimizations
Support our clients in their communication with the public through effective PR strategies
+ 10 years of experience

Our local market and technical expertise combined with the experience of our international partners allow us to offer tailor-made support to your digital strategy. Our aim is to support you as a Digital Agency and to help you in the implementation of an integrated and multi-channel digital approach. Any project will necessarily go through different levels of digital maturity and our strength as a partner is to be able to support you in this process with a long term vision.

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About us

We are the first Moroccan independent communication network with a strong focus on MarTech and Digital. Our 100+ professionnals offer full scale communication services to our clients.

Our Vision Support our clients across all communication channels through a collaborative, transparent and turnkey experience that allows advertisers to reach each segment of their targeted clientele

More than media buyers,
we are media wizards
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Behind the scenes, we entrust your campaigns to our team of certified experts who are responsible for monitoring and management.
In constant contact with your teams, they will submit recommendations and Suggetions for optimizations to improve the results of your campaigns.

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